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Earthwork Analysis

We understand you need it fast and within budget. With our timely and budget-conscious techniques, SEC can utilize conceptual rough grade, preliminary and/or final site plans to give you detailed, cut/fil-import/export volumes.

Land Development Consulting

Good projects don’t happen when you take shortcuts. At the same time, staying on budget is essential. There is simply too much competition out there willing to undercut you – and that means getting the job done, getting it done right, and getting it done at a reasonable cost. In today’s site development world, controlling the site work cost is essential for a project’s viability. We know every project is different. That’s why at SEC, we provide complete estimating services which are designed to suit your unique needs.

Quantity Take-Offs

No two jobs are alike, which is why the SEC team is prepared to tap into our years of experience for jobs both great and small. From a simple itemized takeoff to a full sitework quantity takeoff, the SEC team will accurately quantify any and all sitework construction items in order to ensure that your project goes smoothly, as expected, and within your budget.

SEC Consulting Services (Heavy Bid)

Stretching every dollar is essential to your company’s success. So is maintaining peak efficiency. That’s why SEC will help you maintain efficient usage and knowledge of your products and services. A dedicated SEC consultant will help you analyze your current processes, implement advanced features and functionality, improve integration between SEC services and any software you use to run your operations, and assist your staff in learning new features that have been added to the software.

Site Feasibility

Get your project started on the right foot. SEC can develop earthwork analyses, feasibility cost estimates, and balanced site grades during the site feasibility phase of your project. Even better, we can provide these services starting with just some basic information, such as existing topography, rough outlines of parking and building layouts, and a minimum of proposed spot elevations. Every good project begins with good planning, and we can play an integral role in that.

Site Design

The design phase is an essential step in not only ensuring your project is feasible, but also in giving you the data you need to budget, schedule, and plan properly. SEC can offer vital assistance in balancing, quantifying, and estimating alternate design schemes. This will help ensure you’ve weighed all your options and assist in minimizing design and land development costs, thereby saving you time and money.


No successful project happens without a carefully-considered budget. Through SEC, you can have realistic cost estimates and/or supply quantities provided quickly, efficiently, and accurately. This will assist with your own estimates and comparisons, thereby keeping your project on schedule and, even more importantly, under budget.


The construction phase is when your project comes together and becomes reality. It’s also when major problems are most likely to arise. We can help cut many of those problems off at the pass by providing detailed backup documentation that can be effective when negotiating bids, dealing with change orders, and in settling disputes. Further, our computer-generated cross sections, site cut/fill plans, and volume reports offer excellent supporting information for field management.

Big Help, Without Impacting Your Budget

Because this valuable information can be provided to you at a surprisingly affordable rate, you’ll want to consider our services to help you streamline all phases of your projects, from project development to financial feasibility studies, design, bidding, change order negotiation, and more. We know every dollar counts, so we aim to stretch your money as far as it can go. That’s because at SEC, we understand that when you’re successful, we’re successful.

If you are interested in our services, contact us today so we can get started on your project!

  • Cost Estimates & Consulting
  • Bid Comparisons and Analysis
  • Soil Stratification and Subsurface Modeling
  • Field Management Support
  • Budgeting
  • Value Engineering
  • Evaluating Alternatives